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Annabelle Trailer Review

The Conjuring was flat out one of the best horror movies of the past decade. It was smart, scary, superbly well directed by James Wong and most importantly it wasn’t filled with stupid horror clichés or cheap jump scares that we are so used to getting nowadays. The film was also a box office success; from its modest budget of 20 million the film grossed over 318 million worldwide. So naturally, we’re going to get not only a sequel but an Annabelle spin-off, which was the creepy ass doll that was in the first ten minutes of The Conjuring. The story seems to revolve around an ordinary couple that are about to be parents and when the father buys the doll named Annabelle for their unborn child, some intense and creepy shit starts happening around the house. I like the tone and feel of the beginning of the trailer and how it sets up this universe that we already know from The Conjuring. It feels extremely familiar, but that’s the point. What’s great is how the tension escalates as we are trying to comprehend what in the hell are Annabelle’s powers and intentions. This movie looks like it’s going to expand the mythology of The Conjuring, however let’s just hope it’s not like Paranormal Activity the marked ones which completely derailed from the Paranormal Activity franchise and ruined that franchise.

We still don’t know if the Warrens will make an appearance but my guess is that they will since this is one of their most widespread and controversial cases that they previously investigated on. For the movie, only time will tell if it will turn out to be good. We can only hope.

Rating: B


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