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Robin Williams In Memoriam 1951-2014

It is an incredibly sad day for us movie fans, as one of the greatest actors that ever lived, Robin Williams, has apparently committed suicide on August 11th at approximately 11:55 at the age of 63.

I was completely heartbroken to hear of his passing and I will truly miss seeing him in more movies. Thankfully, we still have the upcoming Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb where he plays President Theodore Roosevelt and where we will also see him for the last time on-screen.

Robin Williams could do it all. He was one of the world’s most brilliant artists and could completely transform himself and embody any role he was in. He became the character and you forgot that you we’re watching Robin Williams. He could make us laugh, make us feel joy as well as terrify us. He was an incredible actor that always gave himself one hundred percent to the role even if the movie he starred in wasn’t good. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

My absolute favorite movie of his is Good Will Hunting. I honestly think that that is a phenomenal movie and he absolutely deserved an Oscar for best supporting actor. His chemistry with Matt Damon was absolutely wonderful and both of the actors we’re terrific together. Good Will Hunting is simply a heartfelt and emotional experience.


He is also great in Dead Poets Society, which is a fantastic movie and Robin Williams is so heart-warming as teacher John Keating who inspires his classmates to make every day of their lives extraordinary. And it revitalised one of the greatest catch phrases, Carpe Diem, “Seize the day” which are words that I still live by and the line “oh captain my captain!” is simply timeless.


And I don’t care what anyone says, I love Hook! He’s so great as Peter Banning/Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman is also terrific as Hook. They’re back and forth is absolutely wonderful and there are still some moments that give me chills to this day in Hook.


Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors and Insomnia is one of Robin Williams most underrated and scariest roles. It’s saying something when an actor can upstage Al Pacino (back in his prime) in every scene he is in. His performance is probably one of the creepiest that he has ever done besides One Hour Photo. He is just eerie, weird and just completely out of his mind as Walter Finch. Robin Williams delivers a hell of a performance in that film and proves once again that he can do anything at all.

Al Pacino Robin Williams Insomnia 001

Jumanji is also a nostalgic film for me, even if the special effects are a bit dated nowadays. The concept is so original and fun and inventive. Robin Williams is fantastic in this film and his chemistry between the rest of the cast (this is also Kristen Dunst’s first performance) is fantastic.

G-228 Max (Russell Crowe) enjoys the company of his supposed long-lost cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.

His performance in Mrs. Doubtfire is one of my favorite Robin Williams performance of all time. He is so great in that movie and his chemistry between Sally Field is just terrific. It’s filled with hiliarious scenes and the diner scene is one of the best comedic scenes of all time.


I furthermore enjoyed his performance in World’s Greatest Dad, which has an awfully different and surreal tone that we’ve come to expect from certain types of his movies and it gets quite dark even though his son is despicable.


He was also great in Jack, which is probably not his best but was still a great and enjoyable ride. Williams gives a terrific performance here even though the movie is not as great.

JACK, Robin Williams, 1996

But his most underrated movie and performance is in my opinion One Hour Photo. He is just so creepy and unsettling as Sy Parrish who develops photos at this store and becomes obsessed with this family that he has been developing photographs for over a decade. The movie is beautifully shot, wonderfully acted by Williams and had a bleak and disconcerting atmosphere.


There are some other films that I have yet to see that have been on my list for a while, like Good Morning Vietnam, Awakenings, The Fischer King and Man of the year. And I know that you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned Aladin yet. I have seen it, but it’s been so long since I viewed it but I definitely will revisit soon.

Words cannot express how sad that such a tremendous talent and a wonderful performer has left us so soon, but his work will continue on through his movies that will entertain and inspire generations from now. But please pardon me, for I must go watch Good Will Hunting one more time.




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