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Guardians of the Galaxy review

Guardians of the Galaxy was Marvel’s biggest risk to date. It was an unknown property that even comic book fans were unfamiliar with. And so I decided to pick up an issue of the comics and I loved the different vibe, tone and the amazing characters that I felt instantly in loved with. And just to be clear this isn’t just your standard or traditional marvel movie. This is not a superhero movie. This is first and foremost a science-fiction space-opera that feels like a combination of Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly all wrapped up into one. It’s also without a doubt the funniest Marvel movie to date.

Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill, a Han-Solo/Indiana Jones type character that collects various artefacts all across the galaxy until he gets a hold of a sphere-like object which makes him the target for other criminals from all of the corners of the universe. In order to escape the evil Ronan, whose intentions threatens the destruction of the entire galaxy, Peter Quill has no choice but to band together with a group of misfits and outlaws, in order to save the cosmos. The team includes, Gemora, daughter of Thanos, Groot a walking tree who can only speak the same three words that mean something different every time he says it, Rocket Racoon, who has been genetically engineered and Drax the destroyer who is bent on revenge and seeks out to kill Ronan. These unlikely heroes have no choice to come together in order to save the galaxy before Ronan destroys the entire universe.
The strength of Guardians of the Galaxy lies in its characters. They each have their own personality and they each feel like real human beings despite them all coming from complete different species. They all have something in commin. They’re all orphans and they’re all damaged. This is probably one of the best team we’ve seen since The Avengers. Their interactions and back and forth was just so brilliantly done and the chemistry is just brilliant.
Chris Pratt is fantastic as Peter Quill. He has a great leading presence and he is the most fleshed out as a character. He has the most backstory and since he’s the only human in this movie, he is the most relatable character for us to relate too.
Zoe Saldana is also a badass chick that knows how to kick some serious ass. She doesn’t take any shit from anybody and is one of the strongest female characters to come out in a long while.
Vin Diesel as Groot is just hilarious. His “I am Groot,” mannerisms is just spot. Vin Diesel successfully managed to find a new way to say these three words over and over again and bring a fresh spin every time he says it. His back and forth with Rocket Raccoon is just freaking hilarious since he is the only one that can understand him.
Like already mentioned, the scene stealer is Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon who is probably one of the best characters of the year. You don’t even recognize Bradley Cooper’s voice. You simply see the character through the motion capture work, and that’s a testament to how good of an actor Bradley Cooper is. They are just a bunch of incredibly funny moments especially from Rocket Raccoon who steals the show every time he is on-screen.
The only weak link of the group is Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer. While he does provide some funny lines and you still cared about his character, he is not the greatest actor in the world. He could have shown perhaps a little more emotion so we as an audience member can feel his motivations more clearly.
But the best thing about Guardians is that it never takes itself too seriously. There’s a lot of comedy and the humor here works, unlike the Transformer movies we’re none of the jokes hit. The comedic timing is just spot on and you will laugh your ass off at the banter between Rocket and Groot which we’re the funniest part of the movie.
But there are a few touching moments as well. And the heartfelt moments meshes well with the more comedic aspects of the movie which brings me to the script, which was incredibly well written by James Gunn. The dialogue was just so sharp and clever and the comedy was gut-busting hilarious and mixed well with the more intense and dramatic portions of the film.
The direction was incredible. This felt like a large and vast galaxy, with places that we’d never been to before. The special effects we’re top notched. And the soundtrack is awesome. This is probably one of the best soundtracks for a movie we’ve had in a long time. And the opening scene is one of the best openings of any Marvel movie we’ve had and the song that was used was just perfect.
There are a few flaws with the film, and the big one lies with the villain, Ronan. He was a bit underdeveloped and you didn’t feel the urgency in the threat that he posed to the guardians. He didn’t feel like he posed much of a menace, compared to Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) who looks like he’s gonna be a lot of trouble for Earth in the future.
And it might be a little too heavy handed for some people. There is a lot of information thrown at you and you might not have all the time to grasp it. And the fact that it’s so different you might have a bit a hard time to get into the movie the first few minutes but once you know what you’re in for it’s on and you’re in it from start to finish.
Which makes this new outing from Marvel a fun, exciting, fresh space-opera this is superbly well written and directed by James Gunn and filled with great, memorable and colourful characters, and while the villain could have been a little bit improved, Guardians of the Galaxy is an entertaining science-fiction film that is as heartfelt as it is funny.

Rating: A-


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