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Best and Worst of Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest starts in Hollywood today. Her relationship with Brad Pitt (nicknamed Brangalina) has gained wide media attention more than any couple in the world. Personally, I never thought of her as an amazing actress. She’s all right but she has done a lot of stinkers over the years which makes you wonder why she’s so popular (probably, most definitely because of her looks). However she has done a few good movies here and there and pulled pretty good performances as well and has even begun to direct feature films. Due to Maleficent opening this weekend, there’s no better time to pick out the best and worst films of her career so far.

There are four movies to consider for the number one spot. First and foremost, there’s Gia, where she played real life model Gia Marie Carangie and starred alongside Elizabeth Mitchell. She gave the performance of her career and gave it her all in that movie. She played a lesbian and had a lot of nude scenes which can be demanding for any actor but she pulled it off and she felt like a real drug and sex addict. She was amazing and robbed of an academy award nomination that year at the Oscars.


And then there’s Salt, which I surprisingly had a good time with. It tried to be a Bourne rip off for sure, but I liked the fact that you had no idea whether Jolie was really a Russian Spy or an undercover agent of the CIA. The movie was actually really well filmed and had suspenseful sequences throughout and proved that Angelina Jolie can be a badass female action star. There we’re some things throughout that were implausible and the plot was a bit convoluted for sure; however it was actually unpredictable and made you guess until the end.


And for my third pick I’d go with Kung Foo Panda 2 which was a step up over the original, for me personally. Angelina provides the voice of Tigress, a tiger and leader of the Furious Five, the group that Po (voiced by Jack Black is chosen to be apart off after he is proclaimed the Dragon Warrior. Kung Fu Panda 2 is a great movie for kids and adults alike and it’s filled with great action, great character moments and plenty of gags to keep you entertained throughout.



But by far the best movie that she has been in is Wanted, which came out in 2007 based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar. Jolie was not the main character but she had a pivotal role in the movie and her back and forth with James Mcavoy was amazing. The action scenes we’re exciting and it gave a good reason for slow-mo in the movie which I’m not originally a fan off. Wanted is in my top ten comic book movies and it’s such a great action movie to watch.


Now, like I already mentioned, she has done a couple of stinkers, and there’s a few that I could have chosen for number one, like Gone in 60 seconds, which also starred Nicholas Cage. The movie was horrendous and there was no fun whatsoever to be had in action sequences. The car chases we’re horribly filmed and the movie dragged and never seemed to head anywhere and was just so boring to watch. There’s also The Tourist (which I haven’t seen) which she starred with Johnny Depp. The movie received bad reception from both critics and the majority of the people who saw it. But by far her worst is the first Tomb Raider which was just awful. Angelina Jolie was all right as Lara Croft, but the movie itself was just not up to par with her performance. The story was convoluted and made no sense, the script was terrible and the action sequences we’re devoid of thrills. We have yet to see a good video game adaptation, and Tomb Raider is not one of them.


Well guys, there you have it and let me know what are you best and worst of Angelina Jolie.


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