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First look At Ben Affleck In The Batsuit And At The Batmobile


The toughest choices Warner Brothers had to face was how on earth to reboot Batman after the excellent Dark Knight trilogy from director Christopher Nolan? Easy. Put Batman in the same movie as Superman. Since these too larger than life characters are now in the same universe that has aliens from outer space, it is clear that the tone and feel of this new Batman will be completely different from Nolan’s.

We’ve now got our first look at what Ben Affleck will look like under the hood. The costume looks old-school and it looks awesome even though it looks like it’s an inspiration of The Dark Knight Returns costume which Zack Snyder says he’s a big fan off.


The costume looks showing us that Bruce Wayne has been Batman for a while and his small pointy bat-ears are cool. He seems to have a few good old gadgets (what would Batman be without them?) in that utility belt to help him get out of dire situations. We don’t have a clear look at his eyes, but I hope that they’re white.

The back of the vehicle:


The tumbler was my favorite Batmobile since it was realistic and extremely practical. It could jump from rooftop to rooftop, how is that not awesome?! But I also like the Tim Burton one which was a little cartoony to say the least but was still great. The Joel Schumaker one is okay it’s my least favorite one but it’s still a cool toy to look at even if those bright neon colors were extremely conspicuous and didn’t really hide the fact that Batman was approaching in his vehicle. This new Batmobile seems to be like the best of both worlds since it looks like a mix of the tank and the Tim Burton one. The design looks great and it gets me even more excited to see this movie.


Like I already mentioned, the tone and feel will be erratically different from the Dark Knight trilogy. They will be two completely different universes and I am still wondering which tone Warner Brothers will decide to go with the character. I think the tone in Watchmen would a be perfect example. The tone was dark and gritty, but also had a comic-book feel to it. Whatever they are planning to do, they mustn’t make this a kid’s movie. We all remember Batman and Robin and do not wish to go through that again. And I don’t believe they will since the tone in Man of Steel was dark  and gritty.

Zack Snyder did a fantastic job with Man of Steel and I hope that the sequel will be just as great. Let’s hope that this movie is as good as this looks! Man of Steel 2 stars Henri Cavill, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Jessie Eisenberg, Jeremy irons, Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher and opens on May 6th, 2016.



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