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Best and Worst of Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the greatest actors that ever lived that has been in so many movies. He’s been in everything and due to Captain America opening in theaters this weekend, his talent needs to be recognized.

His has done plenty of great movies and there are three that come to mind that have competition of being the best Sam Jackson movie out there. The first one would be Die Hard with A Vengeance which is a very underrated movie and the best Die Hard sequel. His character of Zeus is so hilarious and his back and forth with John Mclane is just so fun to watch. The movie was also extremely suspenseful and incredibly well shot by John McTiernan who is just a beast when it comes to action movies.


The second one that’s on the list of great movies that he was in has got to be Django Unchained. His character Stephen is so despicable and awful and yet so funny since he seems to be completely lost and dumbfounded most of the time. His banter with Leonardo Dicaprio is just so incredible and even if you hate his character he was just so well written.


My third honorable mention would have to be Unbreakable, which is my second favorite Sam Jackson movie. It wasn’t just a great superhero movie that was grounded in reality that had a realistic feel to it but just a great movie in its own right. This is his second movie with Bruce Willis so you already knew that these two are great together. The movie was also extremely well directed and was made back in M Night Shayamalan’s prime when he was known to be the next Spielberg. I think Shayamalan should make a second Unbreakable movie. There could be so many things that you could do with those characters and the story could go in so many different directions.


I would also mention The Avengers but it isn’t really a Sam Jackson movie since he’s not one of the main stars even though he has a decent amount of screen time.


But my number one favorite Sam Jackson film has to be Pulp Fiction which is also one of my personal favorite movies of all time. His character of Jules is what put him on the map and made people see what an incredible actor this guy was. His chemistry with John Travolta is just hilarious and Jules’s dialogue is just pure gold. Jules is probably the best character in Pulp Fiction, which is saying a lot. The way that everything came together and the way that Quentin Tarantino directed that movie is just brilliant.


Sam Jackson has also done a few stinkers in his career that cannot be ignored. Snakes on a Plane, which I did not see but apparently was atrocious. There was also Jumper which wasn’t terrible, but could have been so much better. But you have to go with the most disappointing which is without a doubt The Phantom Menace. When you hear that Samuel L. Jackson who is one of the greatest actors that ever lived is going to be in Star Wars you can’t help but get excited. And we all know the rest. Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t terrible as Mace Windu, he just didn’t have much to do and was just stoic and didn’t seem to have any emotional depth to his character that the viewer could latch on to. What’s interesting and pretty freaking awesome is that Jackson begged George Lucas to give him a role in the new Star Wars movies on Jimmy Kimmel. Sam Jackson was not the worst part of the Star Wars prequels but an actor of his calibre should have been at least good if not great. But the blame goes to George Lucas who is not a director who is comfortable working with actors since most of the cast in Phantom Menace including Ewan Mcgregor, Liam Neeson and Natalie Portman have proven time and again that they are all incredible actors. Just not in the Star Wars prequels I guess. What a shame. If you read a three page synopsis for Phantom Menace it actually sounds really cool which proves once again that George is a great storyteller just not a great director. Such a disappointing movie.


Well, guys, there you have it. Comment below and let me know what your best and worst Samuel L. Jackson movies are in the comment section below.


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