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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America The winter Soldier is one of those sequels that is better in every sense of the word than the original and the best standalone Marvel movie out there. It’s that good. Directed by the Russo brothers and featuring a fantastic cast that includes Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as the best marvel villain since Loki.

The story takes place two year after the attack in New York in The Avengers, and Steve Rogers is looking for his place in the world but when his own organisation is compromised and a new threat known as “The Winter Soldier” comes to light, it’s up to Captain America to stop it while not knowing who to trust.

What’s great about this movie is that the tone is extremely realistic and plays it like an espionage thriller that even feels like The Dark Knight. The movie is grounded in reality and it doesn’t even feel like a superhero movie. It’s just a great movie in its own right.

Chris Evans as Captain America is the best he’s ever been. He’s a man out of time, who is from World War 2 and who has been transported into modern day. His back in forth with Scarlett Johansson is fantastic. The two have amazing chemistry and their scenes we’re great and added a lot of humor and a bit of sexual tension as well.

Samuel L. Jackson has also a lot more things to do as Nick Furry. It’s great to see the different viewpoints of these two characters and how they clash since they seek the same thing but not necessarily in the same way.

Anthony Mackie was also great as the Falcon. He had a great sense of comedic timing but wasn’t too over the top or comic-bookie. He seemed like a real fleshed out character that had a huge respect for Captain America didn’t hesitate to help and he felt more like just a sidekick.

Sebastian Stan is fantastic as The Winter Soldier and like I already mentioned is the best marvel villain since Loki. He’s menacing and is an actual threat to Captain America because of their past and their relationship with one another. He even resembles the character of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises with the way he moved and expressed himself.

The action was exciting and the CGI was very minimal. There was a little shaky-cam but not an overbearing amount that distracted of what was happening on screen. Captain America used his shield a lot more often than in the previous movies which also was a huge plus.  You could tell what was going on and the stunts we’re really well done. The action sequences feel very in the moment and the fights between Captain America and Winter Soldier we’re incredible well handled. The choreography was outstanding and the sound editing was also great. The first time The Winter Soldier hits Captain America’s shield is just so loud and awesome. You can feel the impact of the hit and fraction of steel against steel. The fight between George St-Pierre who is an MMA fighter was also handled extremely well and he felt like someone that Captain America would have trouble to fight. And it was actually refreshing to see a bad-guy who spoke French in a big Hollywood action movie like this which doesn’t happen often.

There are scenes and moments in this movie that reminded me of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol with the whole spy-espionage elements feel to it and it also made me think of the Dark Knight Rises like I already mentioned with not only The Winter Soldier’s resemblance to Bane but some of the fights scenes as well like the one at the very end of the movie when Captain America and The Winter Soldier come face to face.

There are a few minor problems that I had with this movie and one of them is Robert Redford’s character. I thought that his character was cliché and a bit predictable. Robert Redford is an incredible actor but I just thought that his character was a bit wasted and unnecessary. Also there is a scene that takes place in a lab where a human consciousness is inside a computer (that has been alive since 1954, which was impossible to do back then) and all it did was to explain to the main characters what was going on.

Sometimes the plot gets a little convoluted for its own good with the whole Hydra story-line that didn’t feel that necessary and it is perhaps a tad ten minutes too long. But that’s honestly it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier exceeds all expectations and is a fantastic thrill ride that is even better than the original. It offers fantastic performances all around the board from Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson and Sebastian Stan as the greatest marvel villain since Loki. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an incredible spy-espionage thriller that is extremely well grounded in reality and offers fantastic and exciting action set-pieces and stands as the best marvel standalone movie yet.

Rating: A


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