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Casting News: Jessie Eisenberg Cast As Lex Luthor And Jeremy Irons Cast As Alfred


Well, we’ve have some rather surprising casting news yesterday when it was announced that Jessie Eisenberg, the guy from Social Network and Zombieland, would play Superman’s arch nemesis Lex Luthor, and Jeremy Irons the guy who voiced Scar in The Lion King and who played in that shitty Dungeons and Dragons movie, will be Bruce Wayne’s mentor and father figure.


Well, I guess none of us saw this coming. Before this casting announcement, there have been some rumours going around that Brian Cranston had been considered for the role which to me would have been a much better fit for Lex Luthor or for Commissioner Gordon which I think he would be perfect for. But my number one pick would have been Michael C. Hall from Dexter and Six Feet Under. I think he would have been perfect for the role. Michael C. Hall is an incredible actor and has proved with being the main character of two television series that he has plenty of talent and can do pretty much any role. His character in Dexter sometimes lost his nerve and would change from various feelings and emotions within a second. He would snap out of his anger and frustration and return to calm and reason. I think that would have been a perfect choice for Lex Luthor.


Having said that, I wouldn’t be entirely apposed as Jessie Eisenberg playing Superman’s arch nemesis. He has played a billionaire before and I think that he can bring a sense of humanity and likeability towards the character of Lex Luthor. What makes me more anxious is that he does not seem like a big threat that needs both Superman and Batman to join forces and fight him together. He can be a threat with his intelligent but not his strength which makes me believe that Lex Luthor won’t be the main villain in Man of Steel 2. This is just speculation on my part of course.

On the other hand, I can see Jeremy Irons playing Alfred Pennyworth. He is a great actor and has played a mentor before in Eragon even if that movie was subpar and would be great mentor/parent figure to Bruce Wayne. He has shown time and again that he can play anything to from a hero to a menacing villain like Simon Gruber in Die Hard for a Vengeance. I hope that he will be able to kick some serious asses in the man of steel sequel and help Bruce train like he did in some of the comic books.

Well, here you go, guys. Only time will tell what these casting decisions will offer. I will reserve my judgements until I see the first trailers that we will get for Man of Steel 2. Until then, there’s no reason to get upset. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about these casting choices.



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